Frequently asked questions about Mijamaz

Who can wear Mijamaz?

1Is Mijamaz appropriate to wear at home as a regular pair of pajama?
Yes, Mijamaz looks and functions like a regular pair of pajama and is ideal to lounge in, or sleep in at home.  The beauty of Mijamaz is it is designed with  unique access points to accommodate medical lines, when worn in care settings.
2Is Mijamaz appropriate for persons in Nursing Homes or other care settings?
Mijamaz is appropriate for patients/residents in any care setting.  Mijamaz shirt is designed to easily open from the neckline of the shirt to the hemline; and the pants opens from the waistband through to the hemline of the pants. Caregivers can easily dress physically disabled patients/residents in Mijamaz, as well as undress them easily.
3Can Mijamaz be worn for out-patient therapy like physical/occupational therapy, chemo, blood transfusions etc?
Absolutely.  Mijamaz is ideal for out-patient therapy because it keeps the body fully covered and warm; caregivers are able to expose only parts of the body that is being treated at any given time.  Additionally, patients are able to receive intravenous solutions/blood transfusions through access points along the upper chest, or along any sleeve of the garment.
4Can I wear Mijamaz if I have a heart monitor, Holter Monitor etc?
Yes.  Mijamaz has three patch pockets on the shirt to accommodate heart monitors of any kind.
5Is Mijamaz safe to wear in MRI and other Diagnostic Scanners?
Absolutely!  Mijamaz snaps are made from nylon so they are safe to wear in scanning machines.
6Can I wear Mijamaz if I have a 'chest-port,' infusaport, picc-line or other intravenous access?
Yes.  Mijamaz is uniquely designed to accommodate chest ports, PICC line or other intravenous access along the arm.
7Can someone who is paralyzed or incontinent comfortably wear Mijamaz?
Yes, persons who are paralyzed or incontinent can comfortably wear Mijamaz.  Mijamaz shirt and pants is functionally designed to open completely flat (butterflied) and placed under the person's body by a caregiver, then secured in place by pressing snaps together along the sleeves, front of shirt, and from the waist of the pants through the inseam to the hem of the pants.
8Does Mijamaz cover wounds, dressings, casts or other orthopedic appliances on the legs and arm?
Yes.  Mijamaz pant is designed to cover wounds, dressings, casts and other appliances while giving caregivers access to the body to perform assessments, wound care, and other prescribed care.
9How do I remove Mijamaz in a medical emergency?
In the event of a medical emergency, use both hands to open the front of pajama shirt by pulling snaps apart, starting at the neckline to the hemline of the shirt; do the same to open both sleeves from neckline to the end of each sleeve if necessary.  The same process applies to the pant; pull the snaps apart from waistline to hemline of pants.  Mijamaz will lie flat, and remain intact under person's body.  If appropriate after the emergency, the person can be redressed in Mijamaz .

Mijamaz Sizing

1Is Mijamaz designed for both men and women?
Yes.  Mijamaz is unisex.
2Does Mijamaz come in kids sizes?
No.  At this time Yor does not offer kids sizes but has plans to do so in the near future.
3Does Mijamaz come in XXL and XXXL?
Not at this time.  However, Yor is working on offering XXL  and XXXL in the near future.
4What sizes do Mijamaz come in?
Mijamaz come in XS-S, S-M, M-L and L-XL. Mijamaz sizes are little larger than the traditional sizes in pajamas as it is uniquely created to accommodate medical lines and appliances, and to make it easy for caregivers to access the body to provide prescribed care and treatment. Please view our sizing chart for additional information.

Shipping and Returns

1Do you ship outside the United States?
No, currently we only ship to customers in the US. We hope to add international shipping options in the near future.
2How do I return something?
Please view our return policy here.
3What happens if someone steals my package from my house after it was delivered?
Unfortunately, By Yor does not assume responsibility for package(s) that are reported stolen after FedEx delivery service signs off on delivering the package.
4Can I exchange my Mijamaz for a different size or color?
Yes, you can exchange your pajama for a different size or color. Pajama must be unworn with hangtags intact and still attached to the garment.
5How long will it take for my order to arrive?
Your order should arrive in 5 to 7 business from the order date.

General Questions

1How do I clean/wash/launder my Mijamaz?
Wash Mijamaz with like colors on permanent press setting (Use mild detergent).  Dry garment on permanent press settings, then remove promptly from dryer.
2How do I report concern(s) related to Mijamaz?
We welcome your feedback good or bad.  Please don't hesitate to email your concerns to
3What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express). We also accept PayPal payments.