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September 7, 2018

Mijamaz- Medical Hospital pajamas with snaps

(13 customer reviews)


Mijamaz Set Includes:

  • Full pajama set with long sleeve top and pants
  • Easy to Carry Medical Pajamas, Medical Gowns
  • * Multi-use draw-string storage bag

Mijamaz Highlights:

  • * Approved by doctors and nurses for patients
  • Clinically-compatible snap buttons, from top to bottom for adjustable entry to treatment area without needing to disrobe
  • Compatible w/ Urinary Catheters, Intravenous Lines, & Telemetry/Cardiac Monitors
  • Unisex Design
  • Machine Washable
  • * Nylon snaps make it safe to be worn in MRI scanner
  • * Material: 75% Polyester & 25% Cotton
  • * Colors: Blue, Pink

Please, check sizing guide before ordering



Say “bye-bye” to flimsy hospital gowns that leave you exposed, cold, and uncomfortable.

Mijamaz was designed by a Registered Nurse to protect the body privacy and dignity of patients.  Studies found that hospital patients experience distress and a weakening in their immunity when their body privacy is repeatedly compromised.

From hospital to home, Mijamaz medi-pajamas are perfect for patients receiving a range of care. When you wear Mijamaz you will protect your body privacy without hindering your ability to receive prescribed care. Mijamaz patented design, style and comfort will instantly make you feel more dignified and relaxed in any care setting.

Mijamaz is currently available in sizes XS-S, S-M, M-L and L-XL. 

Mijamaz gives full body coverage and makes patients feel safe, modest and comfortable.  It has the added bonus of maintaining patients’ body temperature at a comfortable level.


  • Sizes XL-1X and 1X-2X will be available spring 2019
  • * Kidz collection launching soon
Weight32 oz

L – XL, M – L, S – M, XS – S


Blue, Pink

13 reviews for Mijamaz- Medical Hospital pajamas with snaps

  1. Renee Middleton

    I ordered the Mijamaz in pink for my temporary stay at the hospital and I must say they were so comfortable! They gave easy access for the medical staff to do what they needed to do. While also offering me the privacy that I desired. Great purchase, I highly recommend.

    • Bernadette

      Thank you Renee. Best of health!

    • Bernadette

      Renee thank you. Happy you felt safe and comfortable while you wore Mijamaz.

  2. Bernadette Shepherd

    Fast delivery, good quality, and so much more comfortable and private than regular hospital gowns.

  3. kitty1shadow

    My husband was hospitalized for surgery. He wore the Mijamaz during his hospital stay and loved it. The nurses and therapists had easy access to his lines and monitoring devices. My husband was happy that his body parts were not exposed. The fit is relaxed and my husband was relaxed too.

    • Bernadette

      Thank you Kitty. We are happy your husband’s dignity was preserved during his hospital stay.

  4. Edward Hannam

    Highly recommended by my elderly neighbor who wears it for dialysis treatments. “Very comfortable and nice color options”- NY

    • Bernadette

      Thank you Edward. Best of health.

  5. James Jackson

    Very comfortable, and quick delivery. Great quality of clothing!- NY

    • Bernadette

      Thank you James. We are delighted that you are pleased with your purchase.

  6. James Richardson

    Very comfortable, ordered 2 pairs for my neighbor. Quick and fast delivery to NY!

    • Bernadette

      Thank you for your orders. Best of health to your neighbor.

  7. Silvidia Gomez

    Loved it! Kept me warm during my chemo therapy in hospital. My body was full covered and I was able to receive care without unnecessary body exposure. I really wished that they had more color selection.

    • Bernadette

      Thank you Silvidia. Best of health always.

  8. Jason Thomas. Florida

    I really felt comfortable wearing Mijamaz. It was as comfortable as my regular pajamas at home. For once I did not have to strip down every time the nurse or doctor needed to change my dressing. Mijamaz made me noticeable and I felt like more than a room number or an invisible patient. I actually felt respected and dignified. I gave Mijamaz 4 stars because I am not a fan of either colors and wish there were more colors to choose from. Overall, I loved it!

    • Bernadette

      Thank you Jason. Best of Health! In the upcoming year we will be offering a wider selection of colors.

  9. Veronica

    I wish this pajama was around when my grandma was in and out of the hospital being treated for breast cancer. At the end of her illness she was very confused and was not aware that her body was accidentally uncovered or exposed; it broke my heart. Mijamaz is a well needed garment. Thank you ByYor!!!!

    • Bernadette

      You are welcome Veronica. Maintaining patients’ dignity is our goal.

  10. Jerry Davis

    This was definitely the best sale and after sale experience I have ever had. From the moment I made the initial contact with the company’s representative until Myjamaz arrived at my door in Mississauga Canada, I was kept updated and informed every step of the way.
    In preparation for an upcoming hospital procedure I purchased Myjamaz as I thought it would provided a measure of personal security and confidence while maintaining my dignity, a few important details not covered by traditional hospital gowns. Myjamaz is a comfortable and practical garment and works extremely well for what it is intended to do. A variety of colours would be an added bonus.
    Jerry Davis
    Mississauga Canada

    • Bernadette

      Thank you Jerry. All the best in your upcoming procedure.

  11. Sonia G

    It is not fun to be sick but it is worse when I don’t have options of what to wear in the hospital. Just putting on Mijamaz made me feel better and more in control of my health. Having the option to wear clothing that works for the medical team taking care of me, and clothing I choose to wear, makes me feel empowered. to take charge of getting back my health. Thank you ByYor!

    Ft. Lauderdale

    • Bernadette

      Thank you Sonia. I am happy that we were able to help you maintain your dignity during your treatment. We wish you the best of health in the future.

  12. Vivienne

    Mijamaz is very attractive and looks very “high end.” It is comfortable and practical and lends itself for easy access during most of my medical procedures without me having to strip down completely. Love it!!!

    • Bernadette

      Thank you Vivienne; best of health to you.

  13. M. Anthony

    Mijamaz is an incredible idea and a much needed innovation in the medical hospitality and comfort field! These pajamas are incredibly comfortable and convenient. I would highly recommend getting a pair for a friend or loved one!

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